Dog Peace of Mind During Holiday Fireworks

Dog Peace of Mind During Holiday Fireworks

Pets do not have a holiday

It’s easy for people to forget that pets don’t have weekends. He is a 24/7 job. While they continue to surprise us with what they know and learn, loud noises, flashing lights and hectic neighbors can indicate danger and impending harm.

Intelligent people negotiate this with intelligent planning and pragmatic reactions.

Practice daily intervals of silence, “You and me” time

You would be surprised how many dogs have to learn to sit next to you and sleep peacefully. Practice regular “sitting”, “ducking” and “staying” scripts to get the dogs used to the idea. This kind of exercise will pay off later, not only for the fireworks, but also for the living rooms with running carpets, the popular neighborhood cafes and any environment that distracts a dog and needs help to “concentrate”.”

Set up toys and things that provide comfort.

An old favorite for new puppies used to be a fluffy pillow with a noisy clock inside (the ticking was reminiscent of mom’s heartbeat). As the dogs get older, try a stuffed animal or one of dad’s old flannel shirts.

Know where and when the fireworks are scheduled.

A simple starting point is your computer. Try a Google search that asks, “Where are there fireworks in [your city, town, neighborhood]?”From there, try to click on the listed places to find out the start times. Opinions differ on how far the fireworks can be heard. These include factors such as humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind speed. Expect to be at least a mile, maybe up to 13 miles away.

Make an inner night tonight

If you leave your dog inside when the fireworks are scheduled, the all-important problem of “hiding” will be eliminated. Otherwise, you could watch a live episode of “Where’s Waldo? “after this night or tomorrow.

Resist outside noise with indoor environment.

Dogs love Haydn and Mozart. If classical music is not your favorite, you should consider the 80s recordings of Brian Eno’s Ambient. Otherwise, explore the variety of meditation-oriented videos available on YouTube.

Keep yourself and other house people calm and confident.

Part of being the boss is knowing when all eyes are on you to set the tone. If you do not do this, the message to your dog will be: “The gods must be angry.”

If the frightened behavior persists, talk to your veterinarian.

Sometimes additional planning and strategy is needed to address an ongoing anxiety problem, especially with an adopted pet that might come from a problematic environment. Someone from your local vet or shelter staff can also share some additional ideas and products that might work better.


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