Shop Local This Holiday Season

Shop Local This Holiday Season

Whether you need to buy gifts, greeting cards, dinners, pastries, twinkling lights, decorations or even just extra chairs, a new welcome mat, spare bedding or another air mattress, the Christmas season can only be about shopping. It is easy to get overwhelmed by sales brochures, door-to-door offers, free shipping and online offers, especially from large national chains. No matter what you need or want to buy, when you shop locally this holiday season, you will get much more than just your purchase, and every penny you spend will benefit many more people than your family and friends.

Why shop on site for parties?

While it is true that an online selection can be more diverse and cheaper than local stores (depending on shipping costs, which can increase prices), but a purchase at a local store is much more than just a purchase. If you shop on site, you will…

Support jobs in your community so that more employees earn paychecks that they can use for family and friends, as well as for their own bills and necessities.

See, touch and try the item you have purchased to be sure that quality, size, colors and other characteristics cannot be accurately displayed on one screen.

Enjoy higher quality items as well as a more personalized customer service, with no faceless entity behind the store’s inventory.
Get the item immediately with no shipping delays or problems along the way that could mean that the package will arrive even according to your vacation plans.

Develop relationships with business owners that can lead to even better customer service for special offers, one-time orders and personal recommendations.

Choose from more unique and unique options that are not available to everyone who has access to the Internet or visits a large retailer.

Support a greener economy without excessive shipping that increases air pollution or bulky packaging that ends up in landfills.

Help more local businesses, because the owner of the company you are shopping from is more likely to buy local products for all personal and professional needs himself.

Support local charities that benefit from local donations, as opposed to large retailers who are more likely to donate to national charities, and these donations may not stay at home.

Create a local community personality for your hometown and help develop a quaint shopping district with unique options that will attract more tourists and visitors.

Increase property values and improve your community due to proximity to well-developed and respected companies.
Unique places to shop locally this Christmas season

Shopping locally means more than just visiting the big stores and national chains in your community. Real local shopping means trying out unique small businesses and looking for more unique shopping options that can pleasantly surprise with the huge variety of goods, gifts and services they offer. Some of the great options you can explore for your local holiday shopping include…

  • Niche shops and boutiques of clothing, handicrafts, GIFT items and many other unique options.
  • Garden centers and nurseries for holiday plants, outdoor tools, birdhouses and more.
  • Nature reserves for souvenir shops full of gifts, guidebooks and gadgets on the theme of nature.
  • Pet stores for trained and helpful staff who will help you choose unique gift ideas for pets .
  • Art galleries with unique works of local artists, as well as other art gifts.
  • Craft fairs with a wide selection of local and regional vendors for seasonal treats.
  • Museums with souvenir shops that showcase local history and regional flair.
  • DIY stores for the handyman or craftsman in your life.
  • Independent and used bookstores for all the literary gifts you can think of.
  • Spas and salons for soaps, bath bombs and other locally made gourmet items.
  • Farms or shops on the farm for fresh local products, honey and handicrafts with a rustic, nostalgic touch.
  • Bed and breakfast hostels with shops for all kinds of local handicrafts and gifts.
  • Thrift stores for a wide range of discount items that often support charities.

In addition to local shops for unique GIFT ITEMS, do not neglect gift cards and gift certificates from local service professionals. If you are not sure which gift to buy for the holiday season, a gift certificate for a future haircut at a local salon, a massage at a local spa, the next oil change at a local mechanic or even holiday cleaning at a local dry cleaning service is the perfect option. By buying locally, you are doing a great service to your community, even if you are buying a great gift for that special person.


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